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  "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

    Denisa began her first, and seemingly lifelong, music career as a child playing violin and flute with her grandfather, which eventually led her to be part of the school orchestra, playing lead flute, and briefly saxophone as well.  She changed focus toward the end of grade school, and became an active participant in school musicals, with solos in productions like Jack and the Magic Beanstalk, and The Boyfriend, as well as singing with local bands on occasion. 

     She went on to promote bands and concerts in High School and became an avid concert-goer even before getting her driver's license.  After a brief stint on a tour bus under the supervision of her father, she was finally inspired to pick up her first guitar and began strumming to put music to poems she had previously written.  

    Denisa graduated from the University of Vermont in 2000, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Shortly after graduation, she moved to New York City to take on a marketing role for News Corp/Fox, spending her 9-5 days in a well lit 5x5 cubicle, while all of her free time was being spent at music venues getting to know both venue owners and upcoming musicians.  Bleecker Street became one of her favorite stomping grounds.  Venues like Red Lion, Bitter End, Baggot Inn, Wilson's, CBGB and many more, were her home away from home. 
     When her family sold her Southern Vermont childhood home in 2004, she decided to follow them to California to pursue an interest in the music industry. Denisa began working for a small record/artist management label in Encinitas, CA a few months after arrival. She took on the role of a paralegal/A&R rep/ and intern manager.  Living in the heart of Encinitas, she also found herself diving deeper into her passion for yoga. 

      A few years in, Denisa left the label to collaborate with a former NY friend in a music management role.  The two woman management team co-managed 4 bands located in various parts of the US ranging from NYC, Washington, to San Diego. 
Handling marketing, PR, all the general career development for the artists, and representing them on all business transactions. They even scored a record contract for the one band shortly after sending them on the road to play venues around the west coast.

        In 2009,  Denisa got involved with charity organizations and began working large scale events handling celebrity logistics and backstage management.  It was during these events that she started watching more of the sound checks, rehearsal procedures, and paying attention to the sound engineers and a little light went on. 

        It finally dawned on her that she could take her organized "nerdiness" to a whole new level and combine her love for gadgets and buttons, and “mix it” with her love of music.  Live entertainment, which had always been something she was greatly passionate about and so it became her "renewed" focus, and brought her to pursue engineering and music as a full-time career. 

       She followed up this music passion by continuing her education and completed her certifications in Recording Arts, Sound Reinforcement, Digital Audio, and Performance Technician at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA on May 2011, at which time she coincidently also found herself in a yoga teacher training program.  She dove further into her yoga studies and currently holds a 500-hour RYT certification in both yoga and pilates, with further specialties in PTSD and rehabilitation practices, as well as stand up paddleboard class formats and post natal class formats. 

     As for Real Estate, Denisa got her license in August of 2016 with the nudge of her mom, Maria Petricko who has been a realtor in Temecula/Inland Empire for over a decade.  After becoming more and more interested in spending weekends at Open Houses drawing up her own dream home plans, Denisa finally took her mom's advice, signed up for classes and then went on to pass her exam on the first try! 

     Since finding the desire to healing people on an internal level thru yoga and therapy came so naturally, Denisa is now passionate about wanting to achieve the same level of integrity with finding her clients the happiness in either the purchase or sale of their home. She is a go-getter that will nurture your home buying/selling journey, and make the process as peaceful as she would your yoga practice.

     Denisa can also still be found teaching private Yoga & Pilates classes around town and occasionally still pops into a fitness studio around San Diego to teach a class. She is also still involved in the music scene,  occasionally hitting the road as a audio tech or tour/stage manager for Jeff Bridges and The Abiders or handling sales for Jimmy Messina, being part of the Ops team for Town Square Live Events, platform managing ADA stages at events like Kaaboo and Life is Beautiful, or most recently joining forces with Wonderfront Music Festival as a stage manager.  Denisa has never been a person to say no to a challenge!

Let Denisa get you into your dream home, get you fit, or on the road to financial freedom by letting her guide your journey today!

Contact her at 760-702-0549 or

Happy buying and selling!!!!